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Choose the format, size and quantity that you are interested in by filling out our request for proposal form.

We will then prepare a proposal to meet your needs.

If you require design services, we will send you a creative brief form to fill out in order to best understand your business and target audience.

Once we've received the form back, we will propose (3) different creative concepts in the form of digital files (.pdf) for review. After you've made your selection, we will make whatever revisions are neccessary to get your card right.

NOTE: If you are an advertising agency or are designing the piece in-house, please view our
FAQ section to review the required specifications or contact us to request an artwork specifications sheet. If you need additional set-up instructions, please contact us.

After we've received approval on the final layout proof or your artwork and have received the signed order ad payment, we will go to production.

Our process capabilities include
printing, cutting, scoring, folding, assembly, mailing services, tab sealing, addressing and more.

If you don't see it here, please ask.

Once the cards have been completed we will send them through our quality control department to make sure the quality of your order meets or exceeds our requirements.

We will then make arrangements to ship the completed order to you via standard UPS Ground.

If you would like faster shipping service or would like to use an alternate carrier, please let us know and we will work to accommodate your request.
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