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Printable Post-it® Notes

Are you interested in increasing the effectiveness of your advertising or increasing response rates? Would you like to achieve these results with minimal costs? If so, then this is an approach you'll be excited about.

By applying custom printed Post-it® Notes onto your media, you are giving your Direct Mail the opportunity to Get Noticed. In fact, recent tests have shown that by adding a Post-it® Note to your Direct Marketing letter or mail piece, on average you can
increase the response rate 10%
For example, consider this study:

Bell Atlantic conducted a readership test with Post-it® Notes. As evidenced below, there was a significant increase in response from people who had received the piece that included the Post-it® Note.

Of 100,000 pieces that were mailer, 10,000 included a Post-it®. There was an 18% increase in response from consumers who received the piece with the Post-it® Note over those who received just the letter.

How does it work?

Simple. You select the color, size and quantities of the Post-it® Notes that you want. We will then send you a proposal with the art set-up requirements.

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