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These are just a sampling of some of the most common application uses. If you have another use in mind, please contact us to see if it is feasible.

Direct Mailers: Send a pop-out mailer that has been proven to get noticed. You can use this format as a half fold or tri-fold piece.

Direct Marketing Association ranks dimensional mail as the second highest in response rates for direct orders. In their statistical member feedback survey, the average response rate was 2.3 percent and the highest response rates were 8.3 percent.

Magazine Inserts: Use the PopfotoBurst as an Pop-out magazine insert that Bursts open for attention. 91% remember a high-impact & interactive insert. Only 40% of readers remember a flat advertisement" - Time study

Maps: A great way to include a Map within a small profile card. These are great for city guides, tourist maps and school campus guides. The folding insert makes it easy to access with the opening and closing of the card.

Promotional/Giveaways: Use as giveaways to include a promotional message, map, coupons or another insert.

Tradeshow Collateral: These can be great for collateral at your tradeshow or event to help your product or service offering stand out.

Event Schedules/Invitations: Include a creative printed calendar with your sports team schedule, event schedule or any other type of schedule expanding when opened.

Thank You Cards: Say thanks in a "BIG WAY".

Gift Card Holders: Use an interactive Gift Card holder that will make a lasting impression for your brand and consumer.

Sales Collateral: What can we say? If you want to get noticed, you need to use something that is eye catching.

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