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PopfotoBurst: A Pop-out, Interactive and Expanding Insert within your printed materials

What is it? The PopfotoBurst features a Pop-out expanding insert within a printed card, brochure, magazine, you name it.... When the printed piece is opened, the Burst Pop-out expands well beyond the confines of the piece that it is within.
Note: The Burst element can either be custom shaped to your image or left as a square or rectangle.

The Results?
The PopfotoBurst is a great format to use when you want to make a lasting impression. We have had clients experience exceptional response rates when using this Pop-out format for direct marketing. One such instance was a HP Reseller that achieved a response over 30% using this format, combined with our One-to-One Integrated Online campaign solution. In using this format, all of our clients have been pleased with the results.
Is this affordable? Yes. We have a variety of sizes and options that can fit almost every budget. Let us know where you need to be and we will see if there is a fit.
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