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PopfotoEffect: Vivid, Interactive and Captivating

What is it? PopfotoEffects utilize lenticular printing to create animated effects and 3D imagery. This method of lenticular printing produces a variety of effects, such as, Flips, Morphs, Animations, Zooms and 3D.

The PopfotoEffects allow you the ability to deliver a high impact piece that will get noticed based upon the various animated effects these cards provide.
The Results? The PofotoEffect format is a memorable one. In a Time Magazine study on these mailers versus conventional print advertising, the PopfotoEffect mailers get noticed 96% of the time!

Whether you use it to transition from multiple images, show a gradual change, animation or 3D effect, it is highly successful. If used as a direct mailer, it stands out from the other mail right away due to the effect being visible from the outside of the piece.
Is this affordable? Absolutely! This is a great format to utilize, especially for larger print runs. We offer a variety of sizes and options to make this as economical as possible.
Have we piqued your interest? Great! Visit the links on the left to explore features, applications, available sizes, specifications and image galleries.

If you would like to request FREE samples of the PopfotoEffect, click here.
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