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PopfotoFlip: A fully interactive format that is down right "addictive"

What is it? The PopfotoFlip format features 4 continuous revolving panels that engage the recipient. This interactive and highly addictive format ensures a memorable experience for all who see it. Each time you flip a panel, you reveal something new.

Want to see it in action? Visit the Video Gallery to see it live!
The Results? The PofotoFlip format is a great piece to use when you want something highly interactive and therefore extremely memorable. A Time study found that 91% percent of recipients remember a high impact and interactive piece. In addition, we've seen clients achieve double digit response rates using this format.
Is this affordable? Absolutely! This is a great format to utilize when you're on a budget yet need something different. The PopfotoFlip comes in a variety of sizes to meet your budgetary needs, while creating a memorable experience with this interactive format.
Have we piqued your interest? Great! Visit the links on the left to explore features, applications, available sizes, specifications and image galleries.

To request you FREE sample pack, including the PopfotoFlip format, please click here.
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