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PopfotoProfile: Printed Materials that are Custom Shaped to any Profile

What is it? The PopfotoProfile format features cards and printed materials that are uniquely cut to any custom shape. For example, this could be the shape of your product or something else.

PopfotoProfiles allow you the opportunity to deliver a highly targeted message that differentiates your product and achieves your business objectives by getting noticed.
The Results? The PofotoProfile format always makes an impression, especially when mailed. A campaign utilizing the Profiles, truly captures the recipient's attention, and is most economical with localized or heavy zip code saturation mailings. This format typically delivers five to fifty times greater response, revenue and ROI.

"Customized MarketMail (CMM) is a really exciting new development in an industry that welcomes innovation…The consumer is interested in new creative applications of mail, and the industry is going to welcome this new technique. There is no doubt that CMM is the shape of things to come.” - Bob Weitzen, President & CEO
How does this mail? PopfotoProfiles are classified as Customized Market Mail, by the USPS, which gets delivered faster than first class mail. This new classification of mail, enables these unique mailers to be mailed without the use of an envelope. We drop-ship PopfotoProfiles to any of the 37,000 USPS DDUs (Delivery Destination Units), as your mail list requires, so they are delivered in 2 to 4 days. This gives you the added advantage of knowing when your audience receives your message.

Is this affordable?
Absolutely! This is a great format to utilize when you're on a budget. The PopfotoProfiles are one of our most economical options, as they are moderately priced to allow any business to obtain great results through Direct Mail while keeping their costs down. Quick, get rid of that postcard mailer and get ready to stand out.
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