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Popfoto3D: 3D Glasses Incorporated into Print Materials

What is it? The Popfoto3D format features 3D Glasses incorporated into your print materials or as a stand alone item. 3D glasses are know to get attention and engage. Combined now within your print materials, these 3D glasses will evoke your recipients to view the 3D imagery in your print materials and/or online.
The Results? The Pofoto3D format always has high open rates. In a focus group conducted, all potential recipients said they would put on the glasses and read the piece. In addition, more than 70 percent who participated in the group mentioned that they would save the direct mail piece and show it to family, friends or associates.

What about online? 3D glasses can be used in conjunction with Movies, Websites, Games, Software Applications & Micro-Sites to increase visit & response rates. As it pertains to micro-sites, one campaign boasted over a 30% visit rate to a micro-stie featuring 3D images by including 3D glasses within a standard #10 envelope.
Is this affordable? Absolutely! This is a great format to utilize when you're on a budget. Whether you only need the 3D Glasses within a letter envelope or embedded in a Postcard or folded card format, we have something for virtually every budget.
Have we piqued your interest? Great! Visit the links on the left to explore features, applications, available sizes, specifications and image galleries.

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