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Video Gallery: PopfotoCard
Browse an assortment of videos showing our various formats. Scroll down the page to view all the videos. Please check back frequently for NEW updates to our video gallery.

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PopfotoCard Videos:
Client: Maple Lawn
Application: Event Invitation
Description: This multi-stage Pop-up based card, was created to introduce a new commercial developement. The card has (2) Pop-up elements to give a true 3-dimensional feel. In addition, there are two slits on the base of the card to hold a business cards.
Client: Mentoring Minds
Application: Sales/Collateral
Description: This Pop-Up based card, was created as a sales/collateral piece. The card is a single stage Pop-up with a group of kids holding a sign that touts the benefits of Mentoring Minds. In addition, the sign has two slits to hold a business card.
Client: LabelMill
Application: Direct Mailer
Description: This Pop-Up card, was created to be used as a Direct Mail piece. Showcasing Labelmill's packaging solution, the card showcases the final product and works as a recruitment tool for new distributors.
Client: Allister & Paine
Application: Business Card
Description: This Pop-Up business card for Allister & Paine was created to showcase their magazine for the 21st century.
Client: n/a
Application: Pop-up Magazine Insert
Description: This Pop-Up magazine insert really POPS. Email us to request the password for this video.
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