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We have the ability to handle all your mailing services.

For a brief overview of what these services include, please see below:

CASS Certification: We ensure the records from your list are uniform, as required by postal regulations.

Delivery Point Validation: This is the process in which each record (address) in your mailing list is compared against the USPS database of all valid addresses in the U.S. If an address is determined to not be valid- it is removed from the list.

PAVE Presorting: This is the process that utilizes special Postal Service approved software to sort the list and organize it an order that is optimal for delivery – this ensures you pay the lowest postal rate possible.

Addressing: We print the address and barcode on each mail piece. This provides a professional look and feel with no labels adhered to the piece.

Tabbing: All self mailers are required to have a tab(s) to seal them shut. We typically use see-thru tabs that won’t block any of the artwork or text on your mail piece, unless others are specified.

Delivery: Each mailing is sorted, packaged and delivered to the Bulk Mail Acceptance Unit at the Phoenix AZ Post Office.

3602 Statement: After your mailing is inspected and accepted by the Post Office we provide you with a receipt verifying when your mailing was mailed the amount of postage paid.

First-Class Mail

Delivery times can be as quick as 1-2 days and rarely over 3-4 days coast-to-coast. Additionally, the post office provides forwarding and return privileges at this service-level.

Standard Bulk Mail

Typically, the most cost effective method. If the delivery of your materials is not time-sensitive, this can be a good choice. Delivery times vary by postal region but typically take from 7 - 12 business days.

Non-Profit Mailings

Authorized non-profit organizations are eligible to mail through the United States Postal Service (USPS) at reduced postal rates. To see if you qualify, visit
USPS for details.

Drop Shipments

If you would like to handle the mailing from a specific drop location, we can arrange to have the materials drop shipped.
Mailing Services:
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