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Get noticed by approaching your suspects, prospects and customers in the most personal way possible. Have you heard about the One-to-One marketing approach? If not, you'll want to read on.

What is One-to-One Marketing?

It's simple really. It's about marketing on a one-to-one basis. This involves using personalization on each printed piece, so the recipient has a unique experience that is customized to their wants and needs. In addition, we tie in your print materials to a personalized web-based experience that further engages your recipient.

How is this achieved? We use
variable data publishing (VDP) to create a seamless direct marketing campaign, which in turn integrates direct mail with email and the web. This technology gives you the power to effectively market using a multi-media approach on a one-to-one level, which in turn boosts relevance, builds equity with each touch and creates a multi-touch, multi-media and multi-cycle campaign. Campaigns can include:

> Personalized Cards (digitally printed using VDP)
> Personalized Micro-sites (
> Personalized Emails

What will this Approach Accomplish?

In a nutshell, the following:

> Increase your response rates
> Boost your ROI with more relevant Direct Marketing
> Give you the ability to track campaign results in real-time.
> Qualify Responders
> Forward HOT LEADS to your sales force in real-time
> Multi-touch, Multi-Media & Multi-cycle approach

You can reach any number of customers or prospects with messaging, offers and even graphics that are customized for each unique individual.

Find out how easily our one-to-one marketing approach can fit into a campaign for your business. Please take the opportunity to review the additional information provided on the site regarding PURL's and VDP and feel free to
call or email us for more information.
One-to-One Marketing:
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