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PURLs are personalized web-based landing pages created for each direct mail recipient and dynamically generated on each direct mail piece. An example of how this might look would be:
PURL's allow you to deliver a highly targeted message that gives your prospects or customers the ability to immediately respond to your offers online.

Direct Marketing Association reported in 2006 that, “42% of recipients of Direct Mail would like to have the ability to respond online”. Are you there for them?

This fresh approach to marketing delivers on every level by:

* Dramatically increasing your response rates
* Boosting your ROI with more relevant Direct Mail
* Tracking campaign results in real-time
* Notifying your sales team of HOT leads in real-time

Using the “one and done” approach, common in database marketing campaigns historically generates just one out of a potential 100 opportunities that are possible with multi-media, multi-touch strategy, multiple cycle campaigns against the same market.

*HOT TIP: Nearly 2½ times more leads are generated from a multi media, multi touch, multi-cycle approach against senior level decision makers in companies as compared to lower level line of business decision makers in companies or all levels of decision making at mid-market companies.

By utilizing our one-to-one marketing program, we can help you launch the most successful Direct Marketing campaign possible.
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Personalized URL's (PURL's):
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