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Direct Marketing Tips
If your direct mail piece is designed properly, it can help your business captivate greater sales. On the other hand, if designed poorly, the pieces typically will end up in the trash.

Many advertising consultants live by these seven easy tips to ensure they are on the right path to achieving success.

TIP # 1: Make it Personal

• Print addresses direct on the envelope. Avoid labels or anything that makes it look like a "mass mailing".
• Use script, calligraphy or a handwritten font.
• Use
Variable Data Publishing throughout the piece.
• Don't use White Envelopes. Use off White or Color or Textured papers.
• Try using unique envelope or direct mailer sizes to stand out.
• Use postage stamps vs. an indicia to give it more of a personal feel.

TIP # 2: Preach Benefits

Recipients want a reward for opening your mail. That reward should be a clearly defined message that expresses a tangible customer benefit. Here are some ways to focus your message:

• Offer a free 30-minute first-time consultation
• Introduce a new product or service
• Announce a special event, such as a reception for your best customers or a special sale on certain items
• Enclose a coupon good for a discount if used within 30 days
• Offer free estimates on services

TIP # 3: Create a Sense of Urgency

Without a sense of urgency, recipients most likely park your mailing on a shelf where it stays until forgotten. With a deadline in mind, they know they must take action or lose their advantage. Try these techniques:

• “You receive a 10-percent discount on services provided between (date) and (date)”
• “Hurry! This sale ends on (give a date)”
• “Respond by (date) and receive a free gift worth $–”
• "Visit your
personalized website today to register for the offer"

TIP # 4: Give the Right Amount of Information

Direct mail gives you enough space to fully describe your offer.

Consider answers to these questions:

• What are the biggest benefits to be had from the products or services you’re promoting?
• Why is this offer being made now instead of six months ago?
• What have other customers said about your offerings? Include testimonials.

TIP # 5: Include a Sales Letter

Recipients usually read the sales letter first, so it’s vitally important that the letter state the benefit right up front. Place the benefit in a headline and run the headline at the top of every sales letter.

No room for a sales letter in your self-mailer? State the benefit in a brief “note from the owner” in an upper corner of the flyer.

TIP # 6: Target Your Audience

Direct mail possesses the unique ability to zero in on a specific group of people. So who do you target first? Your best prospects by far are people who already buy from you.

• Start a list of your current customers
• Target prospects that look like your current customers
• Target specific income, demographics, etc.

TIP # 7: "Keep Asking and It Will Be Given You"

• Repetition leads to success. Mail often and frequently.
• Mail every 6 weeks.
• 80% of sales are made between the 10 - 12th attempts

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