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The Sensory Experience is all about using the available senses to promote your brand. Use Sight, Sound, Touch, Scent & Taste to add further impact and appeal to boost the effectiveness of your print piece.
Think about it. What comes to your mind when you think of Starbucks? Is it perhaps the scent or taste of fresh coffee or the sound of the coffee percolating? Now what comes to your mind when you hear the phrase, "You've Got Mail"? AOL, right. These are all sensory experiences which form memories and inevitably are tied to a brand.

Sensory Marketing Works

Companies that are interested in breaking through the clutter of traditional advertising are looking to add Sensory Marketing to their arsenal. They recognize that using additional senses can heighten their effectiveness and move beyond visual and sound.

Some Statistics:

"87% of consumers say that sampling a product will lead them to choose a more expensive item that they tried and liked as opposed to a product that they did not sample". —Mass Connections®

75% of all the emotions we have are due to our sense of smell.

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